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Colin Martin

Earphones Award-winning audiobook narrator and actor

The Say SoJulia Franks
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Colin's velvet baritone will breathe life into your audiobook.

With a decades-long background in classical theater, Earphones Award winning narrator Colin Martin is a masterful storyteller who has embodied some of the greatest characters of all time: Hamlet, MacBeth, Iago, Captain Ahab, Petrucchio, Mercutio and many, many more.


Now bringing his talents to the mic, Colin transforms the written word into a sumptuous aural experience for listeners. He'll draw your audience deep into the story, and leave them wanting more at the end of each chapter.

Audiobooks for these publishers...
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1st Person - Self-Help
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1st Person - Romance - M/F Dialogue
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3rd Person - Classics - English Accent
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3rd Person - Action
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3rd Person - Technical
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3rd Person - Fairy Tale - English Accent
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1st Person - Nonfiction - French Accent
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3rd Person - Fiction - German Accent
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3rd Person - Humor
00:00 / 01:27
3rd Person - Italian and Bronx Accent
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3rd Person - Irish and Bronx Accent
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The Authors Speak...

"Colin is a true professional, he has a great voice and can adapt to various and quite different characters and situations. He stays on schedule and is great to work with. I hope to utilize him on all my books."

E.J. Simon

Death in the Cloud

"Colin did a very good, very responsible (and responsive) job. He kept it cool and professional throughout the process."

Mel Laytner

What They Didn't Burn

"Colin made my book and characters come to life. His use of various voices, dialects, and the inflection of his tone, made each character seem real."

Mark S. Roberts

Operation Ameliorate: A Clio Project Story

Meet Colin



Colin’s mastery of accents and smooth, confident voice bring intrigue and urgency to stories of international espionage, mystery & suspense, military and war stories, science and science fiction, and more.

A citizen scientist with a deep interest in astrophysics, engineering, and mechanics, Colin expertly handles technical language and heavy dialogue, thanks to his 20+ years experience as a classical stage actor, specializing in Shakespeare and Greek theater. He loves playing layered and conflicted characters dealing with difficult life choices, and brings heart and depth to every project.

Colin's continually-expanding library of accents includes Received Pronunciation, Cockney, French, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Yiddish, American Southern, New York, Boston.


Outside the booth, Colin enjoys spending time outdoors and working on survival or homesteading-related projects (next on the docket: installing a rain catchment system). His faithful companion, rescue dog Roxy, usually supervises.



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The Authors Speak...

"Colin's ability to capture the diverse voices and spirit of the characters is uncanny, and his smooth and clear narration makes for a great experience when listening to an entire book."

J.B. Manas

The Mirror Man

"Colin was wonderful to work with! He has a fantastic voice, was super easy to work with, and stuck to our dates perfectly. 10/10 would recommend."

Brixbaxter Publishing

Love Your Moves

"If you want your story told in a believable way, you'll want to work with Mr. Martin. He proved to be very workable and a great person to collaborate with."

C.A. Simonson

Love's Amazing Grace

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